How is In the Zone different from normal I’m a Scientist?

It’s longer
We are running In the Zone from April 16th to July 13th.

More scientists
Each zone will have up to 25 scientists in total. They are taking it in turns to do live chats and answer questions on a weekly basis. Each week a different set of scientists will be visible on the site. Don’t worry there’ll be plenty of time to prep as there is a preview section on the site and a follow-up section where you see the scientists who are live the next week and who were live the previous week.

One live chat
The In the Zone project is huge. Every school in the UK is receiving a free science investigation kit. We want to offer as many as possible the chance to take part and book a live chat. With 10 chats per week and two zones we’re hoping that over 200 schools will be able to get involved.

Primary schools
For the first time we are actively recruiting primary schools for an I’m a Scientist event. We’ve had primary schools take part before, but they’ve snuck in the backdoor. This time we’re creating the 7-11 Zone especially for them. Secondary schools will all be in the 11-19 Zone.

Applying to take part
You need to complete the form on the right to let us know that you want to take part. In March we’ll send all the teachers signed up an email asking you to book a week in which to take part. We’ll then send you your teacher pack which will give you lesson plans,¬†access code cards and all the information you need to get the event creating a real buzz in your classroom.

If you’re already signed up to the main I’m a Scientist or I’m an Engineer event you need to Update your Preferences to let us know you want to take part in In the Zone. You’ll find that link in any of the emails you get from us.