Scorcher questions and live chats!

We’re now half way through In the Zone, and it’s not just the weather hotting up…   In the 11-19 Zone, live chats with Rhyl High School and Moorside High School, were pretty much on fire. Students were keen to chat to scientists about ‘who will take drugs in the olympics’, ‘how many Mcdonalds would you have to eat to cause a heart attack’ and whether goal line technology should be introduced into football. After Moorside High School’s live chat one student said: “thanks for answering my questions however i will always be curious!” There’s still time to get your curious students In the Zone! BOOK LIVE CHATS for them now!   The 7-11 Zone question of the week goes to student hetty123 for asking: “what have you already discovered about our bodies?”  and if being a scientist is all about algebra and staying in the lab for ages.   … Continue reading

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Sprinting, strength and doping!

Students have been busy asking lots more sporty questions this week. Including…. The science of: sprinting! 11-19 Zone student chrisandshaun asked: “People run 100m in under 10 seconds… How is this possible?“ strength! 11-19 Zone student spacenut asked: “How many muscles do we have?“ doping! 7-11 Zone student jwillis asked: “how often do you have to take epo for running to improve?“ Question of the week in the 7-11 Zone came from student hpollard: “Do you think a humans health is as important as a animals?” And in 11-19 Zone, student harryholt123 asked: “how long can the human body run before colapse?”   In live chats, 7-11 Zone students have been asking anything from “why does the heart beat?” to “what’s the most gruesome thing you’ve ever tested?” While 11-19 Zone students and scientists have been chatting about: “what is the best dish to improve their athletic performance?” and “how … Continue reading

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Live chat spaces are scarce!

Teachers have now booked 64 live chats. In 11-19 Zone, week commencing 18th June is fully booked and there’s only space for 3 more live chats in week commencing 11th June. So teachers, book soon to make sure your students get to talk to the In the Zone scientists! In today’s 11-19 Zone live chat students asked: why do your lungs get tired when you run and why is eating fish is good for your brain. And in 7-11 Zone live chats students asked: why are Kenyan runners so good at running? and have you ever tried to replicate the strength of an athlete? At the end Almondbury Junior’s live chat their teacher Rachel Craven said: “Thank you all very much for answering our questions – we have learnt lots and the children have really enjoyed it” Outside of live chats students have now asked 592 questions. This week’s 11-19 … Continue reading

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470 student questions and more…

It’s already the end of the second week In the Zone and things are hotting up! Teachers have now booked 78 live chats and week commencing 18th June is now fully booked for 11-19 Zone! So teachers, make sure your students get to talk to the In the Zone scientists and BOOK now!   In the Zone is all about minds and bodies in motion and this week students in 11-19 Zone have been asking some very on topic questions. Student spursboy wanted to know “how would an athelete get in the zone?”. Meanwhile student cheese2000 asked “how can you get flexible?”, And scientist Mark tries to avoid a lawsuit answering student preshous333’s question: “does lucozade sport actually work or is that just trying to make you buy it?!” So far students have asked over 470 questions. Students can ask scientists questions throughout the event and student spacenut asked last … Continue reading

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Minds in motion!

It’s nearly the end of the first In the Zone week and there’s lots to report! We kicked off the first live chats in both zones with students from Rhyl High School, St Marks High School and Westfield Primary School. In the Secondary Zone students quizzed the scientists on the weird and wonderful, from the science of armpit hair to why we get cramps. And in the Primary Zone students were keen to find out how scientist Gary Brickley uses vinegar and bicarbonate soda to make bottle rockets. One teacher said after a live chat: “It was fantastic! The children loved it! We’re all still buzzing!” Outside of live chats, students have been busy asking the scientists nearly 300 questions. Some of the best mind and body in motion questions in the Secondary Zone include: What muscle in your body is used most frequently? How do athletes calm down before … Continue reading

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Scientists are ready, set, go!

Schools with live chats next week can now start asking scientists questions and read all about their work on the 7-11 Primary Zone or 11-19 Secondary Zone scientist profile pages. Lots of schools have booked live chats over the last week, and with 31 live chats booked, some weeks are already filling up nicely. This does mean that teachers need to book their live chats soon to avoid disappointment. This week we asked students who asked lots of questions in previous I’m a Scientist events, all 2,794 of them, to rate scientists’ one sentence summaries of their work, we’ll be using these and teachers’ ratings to select the next set of scientists. We’ve now selected the first scientists for the 11-19 Secondary Zone next week. The first five scientists are: Faye Didymus, PhD Student, Loughborough University – I look at how the brain works when we’re really stressed out! I … Continue reading

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Pole Vaulting Pensioners? You’re picked.

The 12 day countdown to the start of I’m a Scientist, In the Zone has started.  The Zones will be open for business from Monday 23rd April and we already have the first live chat bookings scheduled for Thursday 26th. Thank you to Westfield Primary School for being first in line so far. In the Zone is a little different than our normal I’m a Scientist event. We have set a maximum of 10 live chats per week to give the scientists a chance to carry on with the day job. This means that some popular weeks will get booked up very quickly. Once we have your booking we can send out your teacher packs with access codes to get your students online.  We are really looking forward to welcoming some new schools to the I’m a Scientist event. Book now and book early to avoid disappointment. We’ve also started … Continue reading

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Live chat Booking – Now Open

We opened the live chat booking calendar this afternoon. Nobody go for 16th May at 13.30. Within just a few minutes that slot had already been snapped up by a keen teacher in Leicestershire! Every teacher who had applied so far will get one live chat session for their class. Just register and log in using the link given in the email sent out today (30/03/12) and book a chat here:

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Which scientists are applying to take part?

We’ve had a nice selection of scientists old and new applying to take part In the Zone. Here’s some examples of what they do: Squeeze this, and push that – how certain types of exercise can make your heart and blood vessels healthier! I use motion capture equipment (like they used in Avatar!) to look for evolutionary reasons as to why people find certain types of walk attractive. What makes champions? And what mental skills can we learn from them? Psychology is a legal performance-enhancer and can give athletes that extra “edge” We’ve scientists from universities up and down the country, from medical research labs and also self-employed sport’s psychologists. We’re after a wide mixture of participants so if you’re a scientist or engineer working in sports or any aspect of the human body and mind in motion, then please do apply using the form on the Scientists page. To … Continue reading

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Project Launch

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is a big science enrichment project. We’ve had hundreds of schools and scientists take part over the last few years. But sometimes bigger projects come along. In the Zone from the Wellcome Trust and inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is one of those. Over the coming weeks every school in the UK, all 33,000 of them, is going to receive a science investigation kit. The kits will help teachers bring the science of the human body to life in the classroom. We’ve been funded by the project to bring scientists of the human body into the classroom. We’re running an I’m a Scientist, In the Zone Special. Why is it special? In short, it’s long. It takes place over 10 weeks between April 16th and July 13th. We’re recruiting 50 scientists for two zones, 7 – 11 & … Continue reading

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