The FINAL scientists In the Zone are…

The last 10 weeks In the 7 – 11 Zone have been pretty intense. With over 1,600 students having 116 ‘buzzing’ live chats and asking over 1,700 weird and wonderful questions.

Students and scientists have been exploring minds and bodies in motion, getting to grips with muscles, brains, bones and blood in the 7 – 11 Zone and the brain, health and sport in 11 – 19 Zone.

This week’s 7 – 11 question of the week goes to student joel252000 for asking: “Why are different people scared of different things?

And in 11 – 19 to student rachelb95 for asking: “Do you think disabled athletes who can run equal times to able bodied athletes should be allowed to run in the same race as an able bodied athlete?

And the FINAL 5 scientists are…

The finish line is now in sight, students have voted and it’s time to announce who they want to see in the final week!

In the 7 – 11 Zone final are:

Miranda Armstrong

“I look at how doing exercise and being active may change the chances of people getting ill or injured”

Helen O’Connor

“I do a mixture of scientific work (like research and writing) and practical work (using psychology to help people be better at sport or be healthier)”

Gavin Devereux

“I research and teach exercise physiology (how your body works during and after exercise), and focus on the heart and blood vessels (called the cardiovascular system).”

Alison Atkin

“I study bones and look for changes that tell us lots of things about a person, like did they have big or small muscles (were they active or lazy)!”

Alex Ireland

“Measuring how big and strong pole-vaulting pensioners, brilliant young tennis players and couch potatoes are, to find out how exercise helps keep us healthy.”

In the 11 – 19 Zone final are:

Tess Newman

“Currently researching for in PhD in tissue engineering – a really exciting area of medical science and engineering with occasional gory bits”

Peter Etchells

“I’m interested in how we use information about the way someone walks in order to figure out what their personality might be like.”

John Perry

“I run a sport science with psychology degree at Leeds Trinity University College.”

Faye Diddimus

“I use psychological science and apply it to sports. I teach students at Loughborough University and work alongside a number of athletes to try and help them perform as best they can in competitions”

Amy Evans

“I study how and why heavier people’s bones are different to lighter peoples’s bones so that we can make treatments to help people avoid breaking their bones”

Final week!

Next week the final 5 scientists will be here to answer more student questions and have some final live chats. Students get a second vote next week, so make sure you VOTE for who you want to win!

The winning scientist will receive £500 to spend on science communication, and we can’t wait to see their great ideas turn into a reality!

We’ll be announcing the WINNERS on Friday 13th July at 1.45pm!

Thank you!

A big thank you to all the scientists who have taken part. All of your hard work has helped make In the Zone a success. Teachers and students have got a lot out of the event:

7 – 11 Zone teacher Rachel Craven from Almondbury Junior School said:

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for allowing us the opportunity to chat to your scientists today. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and are already wanting to do it again next year!”

and 11 – 19 Zone student sara2012 said:

Thankyou so much scientists youve answered so much that i wanted to know

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