Live chat spaces are scarce!

Teachers have now booked 64 live chats. In 11-19 Zone, week commencing 18th June is fully booked and there’s only space for 3 more live chats in week commencing 11th June. So teachers, book soon to make sure your students get to talk to the In the Zone scientists!

In today’s 11-19 Zone live chat students asked: why do your lungs get tired when you run and why is eating fish is good for your brain.

And in 7-11 Zone live chats students asked: why are Kenyan runners so good at running? and have you ever tried to replicate the strength of an athlete? At the end Almondbury Junior’s live chat their teacher Rachel Craven said:

“Thank you all very much for answering our questions – we have learnt lots and the children have really enjoyed it”

What's more important in sport, mental attitude or physical ability? See student question. Image by Björn Láczay

What's more important in sport, mental attitude or physical ability? See student question. Image by Björn Láczay

Outside of live chats students have now asked 592 questions.

This week’s 11-19 Zone question of the week came from the student spacenut: “What do you think is most important in sport, mental attitude or physical ability?

And from student cmostert in the 7-11 Zone, who asked :”what cuolar is the sky?

Scientists are enjoying answering student questions. Scientist Kate said:

“I have enjoyed the range to be honest with you it has been very enjoyable and defiantly jogged the memory!!!”

Next week students in the 7-11 Zone will be talking to scientists:

  • Emilie Crosnier, PhD, University of Bath: “Investigating the stability and fixation of the acetabular cup in total hip replacements.”
  • Gavin Devereux, Lecturer, University of Suffolk: “Squeeze this, and push that – how certain types of exercise can make your heart and blood vessels healthier!
  • Peter Voshol, Postdoc, University of Cambridge: “Digging for the holy grail understanding how we survive the challenges of Life and Nature.”
  • Sian Lawson, Lecturer, Newcastle University: “I’m a movement specialist, working with everything from digital creatures for films to real life polar bears and police cases.”

And the 11-19 Zone scientists are:

  • David Muggeridge, Researcher, Kingston University: “The effects of Dietary Nitrate supplementation (beetroot juice) on parameters of performance in athletes at sea level and at altitude”
  • Mustafa Sarkar, PhD, Loughborough University: “My work focuses on the psychology of sporting excellence to provide an insight into how high achievers in sport thrive on pressure and attain peak performances.
  • Tess Newman, PhD, University of Bath: “Looking at ways to create new living body tissue, such as bone, outside of the body, so that it can be implanted into people who need it.”
  • Yue Zheng, PhD, University of Cambridge: “I research novel causes of inflammation aspect of atherosclerosis.

Teacher Liz Nicholson at St Marys Catholic School said:

Great initiative – wish you could see how excited our lot are about the live chat”

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