Scientists are ready, set, go!

Schools with live chats next week can now start asking scientists questions and read all about their work on the 7-11 Primary Zone or 11-19 Secondary Zone scientist profile pages.

Lots of schools have booked live chats over the last week, and with 31 live chats booked, some weeks are already filling up nicely. This does mean that teachers need to book their live chats soon to avoid disappointment.

Photo credit: tableatny

Photo credit: tableatny

This week we asked students who asked lots of questions in previous I’m a Scientist events, all 2,794 of them, to rate scientists’ one sentence summaries of their work, we’ll be using these and teachers’ ratings to select the next set of scientists.

We’ve now selected the first scientists for the 11-19 Secondary Zone next week. The first five scientists are:

  • Faye Didymus, PhD Student, Loughborough University – I look at how the brain works when we’re really stressed out! I work with some of the World’s most amazing athletes to help them stay cool when they’re under pressure.
  • Peter Etchells, Postdoc, University of Bristol – I use motion capture equipment (like they used in Avatar!) to look for evolutionary reasons as to why people find certain types of walk attractive.
  • Claire-Marie Roberts, Lecturer, University of Glamorgan – I help prepare the Great Britain Women’s Handball team for the 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Martin Lindley, Lecturer, Loughborough University – I study the exercise and dietary impact on sports performance, health and disease.
  • Mustafa Sarkar, Postdoc, Loughborough University – I’m a sport psychologist who looks at how top sportspeople, such as Olympic and World champions, thrive on pressure.
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