Pole Vaulting Pensioners? You’re picked.

A pole vaulters legs upside down

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The 12 day countdown to the start of I’m a Scientist, In the Zone has started.  The Zones will be open for business from Monday 23rd April and we already have the first live chat bookings scheduled for Thursday 26th. Thank you to Westfield Primary School for being first in line so far.

In the Zone is a little different than our normal I’m a Scientist event. We have set a maximum of 10 live chats per week to give the scientists a chance to carry on with the day job. This means that some popular weeks will get booked up very quickly. Once we have your booking we can send out your teacher packs with access codes to get your students online.  We are really looking forward to welcoming some new schools to the I’m a Scientist event.

Book now and book early to avoid disappointment.

We’ve also started selecting scientists for the 7 – 11 Primary School Zone. The first five scientists are:

  • Sian Lawson, Lecturer, Newcastle University – I’m a movement specialist, working with everything from digital creatures for films to real life polar bears and police cases.
  • Mark Rakobowchuk, Lecturer, University of Essex – I look at what stimulates blood vessels, both big and small, to get bigger and more plentiful after people exercise train and how this also helps the heart.
  • Gary Brickley, Lecturer, University of Brighton, An exercise physiologist, coaching Paralympic cycling champions, curious about making unhealthy people healthy with exercise.
  • Fiona McMurray, PhD Student, MRC Harwell, I carry out experiments using genetically modified mice to understand why some people are more likely to become overweight than others.
  • Alex Ireland, PhD Student, Manchester Metropolitan University, I test astronauts, pole-vaulting pensioners and couch potatoes to find out how our muscles and bones change as we grow and age, and what happens if we exercise or just watch TV all day!

There is probably a slight advantage in being In the Zone early in the event so scientists please update your availability by using the Update your preferences link in a recent email from us.  We can only include you once we know when you can take part.



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