Which scientists are applying to take part?

We’ve had a nice selection of scientists old and new applying to take part In the Zone.

Here’s some examples of what they do:

  • Squeeze this, and push that – how certain types of exercise can make your heart and blood vessels healthier!
  • I use motion capture equipment (like they used in Avatar!) to look for evolutionary reasons as to why people find certain types of walk attractive.
  • What makes champions? And what mental skills can we learn from them? Psychology is a legal performance-enhancer and can give athletes that extra “edge”

We’ve scientists from universities up and down the country, from medical research labs and also self-employed sport’s psychologists. We’re after a wide mixture of participants so if you’re a scientist or engineer working in sports or any aspect of the human body and mind in motion, then please do apply using the form on the Scientists page.

To get a sense of what I’m a Scientist is normally like then have a look at the main site or look for #IAS2012 on twitter. It’s invigorating, exhilirating, instructive and great fun.

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