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I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is a big science enrichment project. We’ve had hundreds of schools and scientists take part over the last few years. But sometimes bigger projects come along. In the Zone from the Wellcome Trust and inspired by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is one of those. Over the coming weeks every school in the UK, all 33,000 of them, is going to receive a science investigation kit. The kits will help teachers bring the science of the human body to life in the classroom.

We’ve been funded by the project to bring scientists of the human body into the classroom. We’re running an I’m a Scientist, In the Zone Special.

Why is it special? In short, it’s long. It takes place over 10 weeks between April 16th and July 13th. We’re recruiting 50 scientists for two zones, 7 – 11 & 11 – 19. We asking each scientist to do live chats and answer questions for 2 of the 10 weeks. In any one week only 5 scientists will be live. The other innovation is that the 7 – 11 Zone as the name implies is for primary schools.

We’re asking scientists and teachers to register their interest and in March/April we’ll start sending out packs giving access to the site.

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